Reading Incentives

This year in the library we are going to be using a Book-opoly Board Game display for our reading incentive. Students will come to the library to roll the dice and play this game to find books to read, be introduced to new material, and accomplish reading goals. The rules for this game are posted in the Book-opoly Resources, along with a printable version of the Book-opoly Board and Book-opoly Log.

2016-17-texas-reading-map-page-001Every year books are chosen as Bluebonnet Award Nominees by a committee chosen from members of the Texas Library Association. These books are chosen from recently published books and are for grades 3-6. Students are to read at least five of the Bluebonnet Award Nominated books and are then allowed to vote in the Spring Semester for the award winner. This year we are going to have a Battle of the Bluebonnets competition, open to fifth grade students. In this competition students, on self-selected teams, will read all of the Bluebonnet Nominees then, around the end of the year, will participate in a quiz bowl type competition with their team. The participants will also be invited to a Bluebonnet Award party where we will celebrate the winner of the 2016-2017 Bluebonnet Book Award.

While students in fifth grade are participating in the Battle of the Bluebonnets the sixth graders will be participating in a March Madness competition, involving books. Here are links to the book list and our March Madness Bracket. Students will begin reading at the beginning of the year and there will be voting opportunities for each of the steps throughout the year. Students do not have to read all of the books before they can vote, they can choose one or two brackets and read both sets of books, then vote on those. Then as voting progresses they can complete the process. At the end of the year, there will be a debate followed by a final vote for the overall winner of the sixth grade March Madness Competition.