The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) outlines information saying that all individuals have the right to access any materials and locations in a least restrictive way. Technology, classwork, and other aspects of the school should be made available to all users in the way that best fits their needs.

Supports available through the Leopard Library include but are not limited to:

  • Chrome extensions that allow users to have text read to them
  • Chrome extensions that allow speech to text
  • Differing levels of circulation desk
  • Entirety of the school library is at one level
  • School library is open concept, no doors or low ceilings to create entrance issues

This site contains mainly text resources with clearly labeled links that provide access to the graphics used to assist those who are using software to read the page. This makes it easier for those with disabilities or special considerations to find and access materials located on the website. All of the main pages are linked at the top, with no drop down menus that could potentially cause frustration. There are currently no audio or video files, which means that those who are using software to read the page are not caused frustration in being unable to appropriately access and use said resource.

Through our online catalog there are audio books as well as eBooks that students have the availability to reserve and check out on the device of their choice. Through the library students also have the option to checkout iPods that come preloaded with specific books that students can listen to while following along in the physical book, if they so choose. Lastly, students have the opportunity to request materials from other schools within our district to ensure that they are receiving the materials that best fit their needs.